Thursday, December 01, 2005


It seems to me that a blog should contain more than just an introductory blurb. Although blurbs SOUND like they should be part of blogs, just blurbs in blogs could get pretty shallow.

So this brings me to effort. When I had the idea to begin this, there were so many ideas flipping around in my mind that they kept bumping into the things I was trying to think about (like work, getting the car fixed, etc.). I couldn't sleep that night trying to figure out what my first real entry would cover. Then a day went by... I got busy. I shared some ideas with my wife. Time passed some more. Finally, today, I spent 3 hours at the mall waiting for my car to be fixed, then rushed to school to get ready for a meeting (buying snacks, making copies, readying my powerpoint slides for NO reason since it turned out that there was no technology in the presentation room, etc.), stopped at the library on the way home... made dinner, checked email... then almost logged off for the night. [If students are reading this, note that the previous sentence was TOO LONG and you should not emulate my creative writing styles in your own scientific or professional writing.]
I really don't feel like writing anything.
Instead, let me list the topic ideas I wanted to rant about:
  1. Course outcomes assessment (Woohoo, there's a fascinating one!)
  2. Paranormal beliefs (Better...)
  3. What I'd do if I was really really rich (Yeah, like anyone'd care...)
  4. Introversion and insecurity (Huh?)
  5. My eating disorder (Yawn.)
  6. How to build a temporal distortion attenuator for personal use or to sell for less than $8,000.00 (Ooooooh!)
  7. The story behind the title for this blog site (OK, maybe interesting...)
  8. Status on my plans to become an actual superhero (Isthey erson'spay azycray...)
That's good for now. I look forward to seeing whether I actually get to these topics or become distracted by others.


Blogger ice said...

good luck with your blog Dr. i used to live in pittsburgh, pa. sq. hill in fact. take care

8:11 PM  
Blogger Bertrand said...

With respect to this posting, I'm particularly interested in No. 5. I mean, I've dined with you several times, and I never noticed you having any difficulties with it.

4:07 PM  

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