Thursday, March 09, 2006

Not a super-hero...

OK... It's been over 40 years now and I'm STILL not a super hero.

What's the deal? How patient does a guy hafta be? Does ANYONE know of any 40+ old people who've been turned into super heroes?


None of the comic books I've EVER come across have them.

I've been more than obliging in making myself available for scientific accidents to happen. I've been out quite a number of nights just wandering around waiting for the glowing meteor event, or the dying alien hero, or the alien abduction slash augmentation experiment... No black van has stopped to throw me into an illegal but desperate genetic manipulation experiment...

The sun doesn't do much to me except burn my skin. My parents weren't killed in front of my eyes as a child... (plus they were never rich enough to have a butler).

I'm really getting nervous that this might not happen. You know, I can only wait SO long before... well, you know... before I DIE OF OLD AGE!

So, this is just a general alert to the powers that be... a little little tug on their shirt sleeves that perhaps they've left a customer waiting a bit too long...


You know, as soon as you can... when you get the chance...



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