Friday, August 31, 2007

...and so it begins again...

The first week of classes has zipped by pretty fast for me. Maybe because I felt as though I was only just barely prepared for each class. Time really seems to fly when you feel like you don't have enough time to finish everything you want to finish.

Next week is a short week (Monday being a holiday). HOWEVER, as it turns out, my subjective feelings of short weeks depends on the way they are shortened: When Monday is dropped, the week seems LONGER than a regular week to me. BUT, when Friday is dropped, then it feels like a pretty short week.

I think the reason the Monday-off makes my week longer is because it screws me up. See if you can follow the "logic"...

Tuesday feels like Monday. But I have to keep telling myself, "No, Monday was yesterday, we are a day deeper into the week than you think!"

Wednesday feels like Tuesday, but not as much as Tuesday felt like Monday (I'm catching up, you see). Nonetheless, I still have to tell myself that, "No, Tuesday was yesterday, we are a day deeper into the week than you think!"

By Thursday, it actually feels like Thursday to me. BUT, that part of me that was trying to keep track starts in anyway with, "No, we had Monday off, so you are a day off. Thursday must have been yesterday, we are a day deeper into the week than you think! So it is really Friday"

But then there's STILL Friday waiting after Thursday. So, when I go to work on Friday, it feels like it should be Saturday because of the one-day-off logic. Therefore, I feel like I had to go an extra day which makes me feel like it was an extra-long week, even though it was short.

Don't even get me started on middle-of-the-week days-off! (That can end up feeling like TWO WHOLE WORK-WEEKS of work!)

Work-weeks should ONLY be shortened by taking off Fridays.


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Okay, so I may be old, I may be wearing bi-focals, I may have grey-ing hair, but, as I recall, I am still a year younger than you are!!!!!

Or is that older...

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