Sunday, February 12, 2006


It seems this has become less a BLOG and more of a BLAH + g.

Here's my problem... I find myself really busy during the day (12-14+ hours of work, etc. the usual sort of crappy excuses...), but when I get a chance to daydream I think about the rants I'd want to post on my blog. Daydream-time usually comes during important department or university meetings of course, and NOT when I'd have an opportunity to actually write anything. So, by the time I actually FIND any time to write my blog, I sorta feel like I got the issue off my chest already during daydream-time and it seems redundant to write it in my blog.

March will bring with it some extra time for me to attend more vigilantly to this shirked responsibility of blogging.

An alternative is for me to wax a little fictional... Like the previous entry, I always seem full of stuff like that. OOH! Maybe a POEM?!?!? Yeah! What about that?! Maybe I can work up some poetry juices and spit them out here?!

Let's see... My taste is not for the mundane... so howsabout I START something, and see if anyone out there can help me fini sh it...? (Bernard, the space in "finish" was intended so that it would be a bit ambiguous as to where it SHOULD be attached... the preceding word fragment, or the following one "it" But of course you knew that.)

There was a sweet rain
upon my window pane
which trickled down
to where the body had lain.

The pools of blood
thinned in to the mud and

There... what comes next?