Monday, July 31, 2006


Blubber-boy, obese, chunky, chubby, overweight, gravitationally enhanced, fatty-boombalatty.

When I was (much) younger, I had a real stubborn streak. My aunt thought that it was remarkable that a kid would turn down dessert in order to not have to finish his liver and onions (or whatever). There was a time when I actually didn’t eat unless I was HUNGRY. Nowadays, I eat lunch and supper whether I’m hungry or not.

There is also the possibly generational thing where it was drilled into my head that I had to clean my plate. I feel guilty whenever I leave food on my plate. But I try to reason it out to myself. If I could scoop all the fat off my body and throw it away, I would do it. So, why not throw it away before it becomes fat? Better to let it go to waste than to let it go to my waist, right?

OK. So, how to get rid of the waist I have?

I’ve tried lots of stuff: Diets, exercise, Weight Watchers, public humiliation (with the more-than-willing help of my father), etc. I just don’t seem to have retained that stubborn streak I had as a kid. I give in to my desires and all too willingly allow myself to eat meals when I don’t need them.

I think I will try a new-ish approach. The Weight Watchers program did ok for me, until I fell off that wagon. But, I remember that when I did start to go back to my old habits, my system had become used to less food. I found it difficult to “clean my plate” when they were easy to clean before the program.

Bottom line: I need to commit to a lifestyle change.

But dammit! I love to eat! I love food! It’s wonderful! I could live off that stuff!