Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What did I see you eating under there?

There’s a new movie coming out that I fully expect I’ll hate. (Can you guess what it is?) Apparently, I’ve now pretty much aged myself out of the primary target demographic for movies. They mostly all suck. Of course, that’s probably always been true. But, what’s worse is that the number of sucky movies that I’m willing to see is getting smaller. Reminds me of when cable TV showed up. We went from four or five channels to over 100, but worthwhile (to me) programming all but vanished.

To be honest, the movie I’m looking forward to see can suck all it wants as long as the theme song is faithful to the original, except longer (not necessarily in terms of lyrics; maybe just the instrumentals).


It will probably be some kind of (in honor of the president) “C-grade” rap bastardization. Or, what I like to call, “Crap” for short.

On the bright side, summer has arrived to caress my face and shoulders with her loving touch. Pass the sunscreen!

Unfortunately, in looking into making plans to travel north to help my father pack up his house for a big move, I’ve ended up filling all my summer break with “things to do”. That makes me feel like summer’s almost over already! I can feel Fall Classes breathing down my neck and I still have 64 hours of teaching left to do before then! (Yes, I keep track of how many hours I have left to teach.)

I’m starting to hyperventilate.

So, here’s where I stand:

1) Summer is almost over already.
2) I can’t look forward to (and enjoy) movies anymore.
3) My blog has become a crazy-person’s rant-space.

What to do, what to do. . . Maybe I need a new philosophy? OK, I pick the “Philosophy of niece” which is summed up by her phrase (following a deep sigh): “What-ev.”