Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Apologies to Eric and Julianne or RTFM

I’ve been doing a crappy job on my blog since November of 2006. What started in my head never made it to the blog. BEFORE my blog was started, I’d imagined all the sorts of amazing rants and profound blurbles I’d be writing about. Then, I found a host for my blog and set it up (as best as I could figure out... it promised me at the time that I could change the look of the page, but it was never clear to me how, so I just used a selectable format – which is fine).

After about ONE entry, I became really resentful with the idea that I’d have to keep up with my writing EVERY damn day. I consider myself to be a super-introvert. By that I mean that I’d prefer to be so by myself that I’m often not alone enough with my own thoughts. (I crowd myself?) So, writing my thoughts was like having to entertain myself as a guest, when I’d really rather just be left alone thank you.

ALSO, when I fantasized about writing a blog, part of that fantasy included the idea that thousands of people would read it and leave commen-ta-toes (as I say in class). I think I only ever got ONE comment from a passer-by who also had a blog. (Someone named “ice” which is a cool name, huh?)

Ahem, well, recently the blog hosting site changed (something) and I had to click on some buttons and enter some passwords (for some reason). As a result, I came across a note that said I had, like, 30-something comments to moderate. Huh? Ohhhh, well apparently all that time I was supposed to click on a link to check for comments left by others every so often. Once I approve them THEN they appear in the blog. The only reason Ice showed up was that Ice was a registered blog person. Everyone else (including stupid web-bot comments like “Hey drspeg, check out this cool site, it reminds me of your blog!” that I deleted) went into the awaiting moderation purgatory.

An old (let’s say WICKED old – yes, boy is HE old, like probably WAY older than ME now since I never aged over the past years) friend of mine [Eric] had left a message and his email address. OK, after a year apparently the people hosting his email realized how old he was and just cancelled his email address because it didn’t work when I finally discovered it and tried to send a message back. PMO.

ALSO, a previous student of mine [Julianne] who I’ve wondered about from time to time because she had apparently forgotten all about how critical to her past, current, and future successes I was; seeing as I was her favorite college teacher EVER, and all. (I don’t think that was very grammatical – especially for a college teacher.) Anyway, she dropped me a message bragging about all of the great things she’s done since she last had dinner at our house and NEGLECTED to put in two things: (1) thanks to me for her successes, and (2) a way to email her back – since I either lost her email, or, she never gave me her most recent email address.

So, here we are. Now I’ve wasted a blog entry on this sweet apology.