Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sprink Leaning

This weekend we spent cleaning the house. NOT one of the things I look forward to doing because of the level of thoroughness involved. But, a needed evil.

Anyway, because I am a lazy man, I tend to drift off-task here and there by reading the labels of the items I am passing judgment over. Normally I base the live-or-die (keep-or-toss) decision based on how the item looks, how much use is left in it, etc. Well, a new criterion was established recently. See if you can figure it out...
  1. Suave Deep Cleaning Shampoo FOR MEN, "The right tool to thoroughly clean and remove build-up - for less than the more expensive brands."

  2. Total Body Foot Powder (I think the name makes my point all by itself).

  3. Bath & Body Works: Cucumber Melon Soap, "FRESH FROM AMERICA'S HEARTLAND" but "Made in Guatemala."

  4. Plackers Stop GrindingTM DENTAL NIGHT PROTECTOR, but under WARNING: Do Not Use, "if you are currently experiencing pain in the mouth or jaw because of tooth clenching or grinding."
Clearly, all of the above are keepers.