Thursday, May 11, 2006

What Planet IS That?!

I’m having trouble deciding how to work this blog-thing out… Do I want to be “political” do I want to be creative… what?

For example, I planned to come back and fill in the details of the last entry… tell you about the two neat-o things I learned. (1) The reason US Currency (actually this applies to ALL world currencies eventually… e.g., the Euro) is so colorful, and (2) My plans to make a killing in the paranormal field of “alternative energy” for cars.

However, I’ve become less interested in filling in all that stuff as each day passes. I think about it; then lose interest as soon as something else comes up. The most recent “up” deals with the mild embarrassment I feel at my school’s university banner. I’ll get to that below. For now, and just for closure’s sake, though, here goes the rest of my earlier blog-thoughts:

(1) Currency is colorful in order to make it LESS easy to use when you travel back in time. Yup. The color of money is all based on government time-travel fears. (I had a while lot more defense of this, but now don’t feel like elaborating on the joke.) My interest in this waned when a check-out clerk drew a brown streak across my brand new colorful ten-dollar bill. I told her that it’s just an iodine pen that is basically a scam to make money for two parties. One of course being the makers of these more-expensive-than-they-should-be pens, and the other group being the serious counterfeiters. She condescended to me that “Oh no, these have already caught a few fake bills.” Sure. Take a new ten or twenty dollar bill and spray it with spray-starch. Now go try to spend it at a store that uses those pens. The iodine reacts to starch which was in the crappy paper that counterfeiters USED to use all the time for fake cash printing. The problem now is that all these cashiers will NOT see a fake bill if the iodine pen streaks brown. Too much reliance on a scammed pen.

(2) I’m sickened by all the money being spent on alternative medicines. Partly because it makes me feel that humans are stupid. (I know, some are just desperate.) But also partly because I’m not getting any of that cash from stupid people. So, with gas prices soaring… what we need are alternative approaches to improving gas mileage! I have a bunch of crystals and will eventually be putting together a photo gallery of ways that the “healing properties of crystals” may be used on your car to improve gas consumption, reduce pollution, etc.! Wouldn’t it be worth it to spend a measly hundred bucks… no, wait, a measly five hundred bucks on a set of crystals to make your car work better and use less gas?! Of course it would! I will work on the photos and testimonials to PROVE they work and then get back to you.

Anyway, the real blog-content for this month starts below.

The University I work at had its 82nd Commencement ceremony. At the back of the stage hangs a banner to represent each of the university schools (i.e., School of Adult and Continuing Education; School of Business; School of Education and Social Sciences; School of Communications and Information Systems; School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science; School of Nursing and Allied Health). Each banner has a symbol like three keys, a quill, an open book, etc.

Well the School of Nursing and Allied Health has a pretty good emblem of the Earth (stylized a bit, but recognizable) with two pairs of hands reaching across them… I think they are two versions of Michael Jackson, though, because each has a single gold glove on one hand.

MY school is the School of Education and Social Sciences. It too has a planet depicted on it… but it is NOT the planet Earth. Maybe it is a secret planet that some of the administrators originally came from? Was this their sneaky way of getting some home-planet recognition? I don’t know. BUT, you’d think that the school containing EDUCATION would have a banner containing a more widely recognized planet on it. Otherwise, I think the symbolism gets lost. HOW does the planet Fermelagg fit into the themes of Social Science and Education?