Saturday, September 30, 2006

What's that question on my mind?

And so. The so-called pseudo-blogger tries again to meet the LAZY-ASS deadline of just ONE blog entry per month.

I was a lot more fired up with this when it all began. But, even then, there wasn’t a great deal of written glorp from me.

What happened to me? I ask myself that every time I look in the mirror. I ask that when I’m outside in my undies looking at the stars at 3:30 in the morning because Brisco needs to pee (Brisco is one of my dogs). I ask it when I don’t find certain movies funny. (Apparently, I am moving out of the target demographic.)

This is going to be a downer if I keep going. I’m guessing that part of my mood is tied into the changes in the season. I really don’t look forward to winter - except that I can start wearing my heavy corduroy shirts. (MY GOD what's happened to me?!)